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Stamp - New Zealand 8c 200th Anniversary Landing Bay Of Islands #46
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Opening of Sydney Philatelic Cover Souvenir 1971 Cover
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Olympic Collectable1956 Melbourne Olympex 12_24 NOV  Envelope+ koala green Stamp
Buy: $14.00 AUD
Clifton Hill Registered Envelope.with 6 back cancels(LotF821p)Free Postage
Buy: $19.95 AUD
Australia KG V 4 1/2d Violet Small Multi Perf 12 1/2 x13 1/2 Die 1 & 2 Used/CTO
Buy: $55.00 AUD
Tasmania 1855-67 6d Grey-blue Imperf
Buy: $39.99 AUD
Stamp 4d violet pre-printed KGV sideface cutout ES21, scarce not seen as entire
Buy: $270.00 AUD
1973 Christmas set of 2 in Gutter Blocks of 4 with Autotrons (30c Variety) MNH.
Buy: $10.00 AUD
Stamp Australian fauna Miller Bros generic blue cachet FDC unused
Buy: $10.00 AUD
Australia First Day Cover FDC - 1986 New Holland - Cook's Voyage
Buy: $4.25 AUD
NSW 2d dull blue Sydney view. Vertical laid paper. PM 38(1) QUENBEYAN rated R
Buy: $50.00 AUD
GB 1840 1d Black, 4 margins, the stamp that started it all...
Buy: $225.00 AUD
1983 AAT 12th Antarctic Treaty Meeting 27c Set Of 4 Base Cancel FDC + Melb P B
Buy: $4.95 AUD
Tasmania 1855-67 6d Grey Imperf
Buy: $59.99 AUD
Sunpex 1985 Set of 7 Covers
Buy: $8.00 AUD
Stamp - New Zealand 10 C Opening Of Earth Station   #47
Buy: $1.91 AUD
Stamp - New Zealand 80c Mt Cook National Park #44A
Buy: $1.91 AUD
1971 Christmas Pane of 25 (White Paper with Red Printing Number), MUH.
Buy: $32.00 AUD
Stamp - New Zealand $1.00 Geothermal Power  #47
Buy: $1.91 AUD
1971 Christmas Pane of 25 (Cream Paper with Black Printing Number), MUH.
Buy: $28.00 AUD
Kangaroo stamp Australia 1d red die 1 watermark sideways pointing right 1913
Buy: $260.00 AUD
Tobago 1891 1/2d on 4d Grey SG30 Fine Used
Buy: $104.05 AUD
Stamp 5/- Kangaroo 1st watermark grey & yellow large OS perfin SG012 repaired
Buy: $150.00 AUD
Trengganu 1912 $5 Green & Dull Purple SG17 Fine MM
Buy: $323.91 AUD
Stamp Australia 1d green KGV single watermark Womens Budget Office pattern cover
Buy: $30.00 AUD
1914 1d Red single wmk SG 21 Variety White line under rt value tablet Fine Used
Buy: $18.00 AUD
Australia 1926 1d Green SM Wmk Perf 14 FU Perf OS ACSC80ba       08004
Buy: $3.00 AUD
Stamps Kangaroo 5/- grey & yellow C of A watermark uprated 2 x 2/- cover airmail
Buy: $280.00 AUD
Stamp - New Zealand 5c World Rose Convention 1971  #47
Buy: $1.91 AUD
TASMANIA 1889 QV HALFPENNY on 1d overprint (Scott 65) MH
Buy: $24.99 AUD
Stamp Australia 33c fish Atherton Centenary souvenir cover relevant postmark
Buy: $7.00 AUD
Stamp 1977 Australia 18c on plain cover 5th world underwater congress postmark
Buy: $38.00 AUD
Trial counter printed stamps black candle motif $1.20 literal inverted in pair
Buy: $95.00 AUD
Australia 1988 Australian Crafts Mint unhinged booklet pr stamps.Necklace Teapot
Buy: $2.80 AUD
Buy: $3.00 AUD
Stamps 1d green & red postage due Victoria block 4 P.B Room Melbourne postmark
Buy: $17.00 AUD
Buy: $2.75 AUD
2011 AAT WWF 50th Anniversary, Territories Joint Issue Minisheet  SG MS213  Fu
Buy: $6.75 AUD
Stamps.. 20 Aust.States(damaged)(Lot11F821p)Free Postage
Buy: $11.95 AUD
Stamps...Decimal(Lot10F821p)Free Postage
Buy: $11.95 AUD
Stamp 1d carmine red KGV single line perf variety short shade right of crown
Buy: $75.00 AUD
Stamp 1894-95 Tasmania 1d red postcard International Exhibition printing at back
Buy: $15.00 AUD
Stamp 1966 Australia 4c QE2 on Besley & Pike Rocklea Queensland cachet FDC
Buy: $8.00 AUD
Test Cricket Centenary 1877-1977 - Stamp Pack
Buy: $5.40 AUD
Stamps Australia 3d green type "A" uprated airmail WYNDHAM to Altona, nice
Buy: $38.00 AUD
Australia PSE 1991 75th Anniversary Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
Buy: $5.75 AUD
Buy: $2.25 AUD
Stamps South Australia 3d on 4d surcharges group of 22, 3 red & 3 "E" variety
Buy: $900.00 AUD
1986 New Holland - Cook's Voyage on 2 FDC's
Buy: $3.95 AUD
Stamps 1947 Australia princess birthday block of 4 on Art Craft cachet FDC, nice
Buy: $22.00 AUD
Stamps 1d green & red postage due Victoria block 6 with crown over "A" postmark
Buy: $24.00 AUD
Stamp 1/- green Lyrebird on Faith In Australia 1934 New Zealand flight cover
Buy: $65.00 AUD
Australia 1914 1d Red KGV Single Wmk  Comb Perf, U "Run N in ONE"     07109
Buy: $25.00 AUD
Stamp Australia 1d green 1937 Coronation on BRONSDON 1938 cachet cover for die 2
Buy: $35.00 AUD
Stamp 1/- green Centenary of South Australia with private perfin SB, scarce
Buy: $27.00 AUD
Stamp NEPAL Darjeelong Himalayan Railway Company cover logo back flap unused
Buy: $22.00 AUD
Labuan 1897 6c Brown-Lake SG93b P.15 Fine MM
Buy: $24.12 AUD
Buy: $2.95 AUD
Australia 1924 2s Maroon SG74 Fine Very Lightly Mtd Mint
Buy: $114.06 AUD
Ceylon 1859 4d Dull Rose SG4 Mint Example Margins Added at Left Rare Classic
Buy: $1498.42 AUD
Stamp 1857 South Australia 6d blue queen imperf SG10 just 4 margin
Buy: $85.00 AUD
Penang 1962 $2 Bronze-Green & Scarlet SG85a P.13 x 12.5 Fine Used
Buy: $50.82 AUD
Stamp 1/- blue queen Victoria Octagonal SG25, numeral 1 postmark uncommon
Buy: $75.00 AUD
Stamps 1/4 blue KGV small multi watermark p13.5 uprated 6d roo on parcel label
Buy: $750.00 AUD
1920 Australia Kangaroo One Shilling 1/- Blue-green stamp (3) - 3rd watermark
Buy: $5.95 AUD
Stamp 1935 Northern Territory 1/- blue stamp duty single large crown A watermark
Buy: $45.00 AUD
ROMAN STATES 2a - Papal Coat of Arms "1852 Blue Green" Original (pa66814) $60
Buy: $39.19 AUD
Labuan 1894 1c Grey Mauve SG64a P.13.5 Fine Used
Buy: $18.06 AUD
Stamps 1955 Australia 2&1/2d YMCA right marginal block of 16, MUH some bends
Buy: $4.00 AUD
Stamps 1/2d orange Kangaroo no watermark part right pane 67 foggy hills variety
Buy: $60.00 AUD
Kuwait 1929 1a Chocolate SG016w Wmk Inverted Fine MNH Pair
Buy: $210.98 AUD
Stamp 5d QE2 on 3 x Australasian Missionary College Cooranbong Adventists covers
Buy: $25.00 AUD
Stamps Australia 4d pink & 1/7d brown QE2 definitives pair Guthrie generic FDC
Buy: $50.00 AUD
Stamp 1937 Coronation 1d green queen John Gower queen mother framed violet FDC
Buy: $30.00 AUD
Trengganu 1921 $1 Purple & Blue-Blue SG23 Fine MM
Buy: $22.07 AUD
New Zealand 1943 9d Scarlet & Black SG0130 Fine MNH
Buy: $26.17 AUD
Stamp 1964 Australia pair navigators on Royal specific cachet FDC registered
Buy: $65.00 AUD
Postmark Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement relevant APM4482 postmark on tourism cover
Buy: $5.00 AUD
Stamp 1d green KGV die 3 pre-printed postcard variety break right frame, TR join
Buy: $18.00 AUD
Perak 1900 1c on 4c Dull Purple & Carmine SG82 Fine Used (2)
Buy: $22.07 AUD
Stamps 1d red engraved KGV part right imprint block of 6 top left stamp torn
Buy: $90.00 AUD
St Helena 1922 1s Grey & Brown SG106c Cleft Rock V.F Lightly Mtd
Buy: $477.54 AUD
Soruth 1868 4a Black-White SG15 Fine Unused
Buy: $416.14 AUD
B.C.A Nyasaland 1900 10s Black & Olive-Green SG50a Fine Mtd Mint
Buy: $415.97 AUD
Australia 100 Pre Decimal All Different Fine Used stamps Bulk Lot
Buy: $9.95 AUD
Stamps 1973 National Development set 4 in official post office pack
Buy: $8.00 AUD
Australia Replica Card No.14 Robes Series KGVI QEI King George
Buy: $5.25 AUD
1940 FORCES - SET of 4 - 1d GREEN, 2d SCARLET, 3d BLUE, 6d BROWN - USED  CV $80+
Buy: $20.00 AUD
Fed Malay States 1919 10c Bright Blue SG44a Fine LMM
Buy: $13.86 AUD
Buy: $14.99 AUD
Stamps Australia 3d blue & 1d green KGV C of A watermark Rochester Shire cover
Buy: $16.00 AUD
Australia Post - First Day Cover (FDC) 1987 "The First Fleet" Departure
Buy: $2.65 AUD
Virgin Islands 1867 1s Black & Rose-Carmine SG14bVar "Defomed E" in ONE Fine
Buy: $374.96 AUD
B.C.A Nyasaland 1892 3s on 4s Grey-Black & Vermilion SG18 Fine Used
Buy: $395.44 AUD
B.C.A Nyasaland 1903 10s Grey-Green & Black SG65 Fine Used
Buy: $374.91 AUD
Stamps x 110 Kangaroos 1/- green perforated small OS 1st, 2nd & 3rd watermarks
Buy: $480.00 AUD
Stamps England 1961 P.O Savings Bank Centenary set of 3 SG623a-625a on FDC
Buy: $25.00 AUD
B.C.A Nyasaland 1896 5s Black & Olive SG39 Fine MM
Buy: $446.93 AUD
Postmarks..Melbourne Machine cancels(Lot9F821p)Free Postage
Buy: $11.95 AUD
1c light grey blue "Series: Coat of Arms" Belgium 1907
Buy: $2.90 AUD