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Antique Pedal/Pump Organ. in good working condition. Surplus to requirements. 
$200.0 AUD
Steinway Piano/Pianola with collection of pianola rolls
Buy: $9000.0 AUD
Piano Accordian Hohnor Verdi 11 Art Deco Design & Case
Buy: $450.99 AUD
Antique Vox Humana, Tremolo  out of antique piano pump organ, Display, Prop.
Buy: $20.0 AUD
Antique Hammond's Octave Coupler, Worcester, Mass, USA, 1887
Buy: $14.0 AUD
Vintage Tune Conductor
$20.0 AUD
Antique American pedal church organ
Buy: $200.0 AUD
Buy: $54.99 AUD
1890 French Music Box
Buy: $2000.0 AUD
Large antique wooden xylophone centrepiece instrument
Buy: $400.0 AUD
Vintage J Busilacchio Electric Organ
$229.0 AUD
Antique Circa:1894 45 String Zither (Citera)Kallangur Pickup
$299.0 AUD
Vintage "Hering" Mini Piano - RARE
Buy: $85.0 AUD
Grand Piano Collard and Collard Circa 1860
Buy: $4900.0 AUD
2 x VINTAGE WITTNER METRONOMES *for parts, repairs, not working* 0002 & 0214?
$58.9 AUD
Brand new working Original Gramophone with Brass Horn fathers day antique home
Buy: $499.0 AUD
Antique Bell Church Organ circa 1864-1893
Buy: $200.0 AUD
Antique piano
Buy: $100.0 AUD
Magnificent Antique 1880's CARL FROMM zither musical instrument Wien Vienna
$1450.0 AUD
$17.0 AUD
Pianola - Scherman model plus stool
Buy: $1.0 AUD
Pianola Waltola New York
Buy: $1500.0 AUD
Old 1/8 voilin
$50.0 AUD
Vintage nightingale Irish flutes and tonette flute
$50.0 AUD
organ player in very good condition $500 or nearest offer
Buy: $500.0 AUD
Vintage original violin by Thomas Richard
$600.0 AUD
ORGAN - antique American pump organ - beautiful piece of furniture !
$180.0 AUD
*VERY RARE* 1930s Collard & Collard Vintage Antique Wooden Large Shape Piano
$400.0 AUD
Smith American Organ Company
Buy: $650.0 AUD
Guarneri Del Gesu 1742 'Lord Wilton' Replica
Buy: $1400.0 AUD
Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1715 'The Cremonese' Replica
Buy: $2000.0 AUD
A Stunning Baby Grand Piano c.1920's FREE METRO DELIVERY & INSTALLLATION*
Buy: $11995.0 AUD
Antique Vintage Zither Musical Instrument
$250.0 AUD
Antique Oak Chapel Organ
Buy: $2500.0 AUD
 Antique Balinese drum - Gamelan  style with brass handle
$180.0 AUD
Nicolò Amati, Cremona 1649 'Alard' Replica
Buy: $1200.0 AUD
Tibetan Music Exorcism Tools Musical Instrument Brass Dragon Trumpet Trombone
$66.99 AUD
61cm Old Chinese Tibet Copper Beast Extendable Instrument Trumpet Trombone Horn
$299.99 AUD
Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb Clarinet Bb Clarinet
Buy: $779.07 AUD
Any chord Portable Guitar Training Device
Buy: $74.54 AUD
box of assorted vintage rare vinyl records music collectors
$100.0 AUD