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Antique Japanese Guanyin statue / sculpture Oriental Asian antique Art
Buy: $625.0 AUD
Incense Stick Holder Burning Joss Insence Insense Burner Ash Catchers Bronze
Buy: $14.95 AUD
Superb China Old Handwork Bronze Dragon Statue Cane Head Walking Stick
Buy: $22.99 AUD
Ancien Bamboo Incense Stick Holder Burning Joss Insence Box Insense Burner
Buy: $15.25 AUD
Tibet Thangka Silk Cloth Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Mural Statue Panchen Decor
Buy: $4.89 AUD
A Dark Glazed Bowl
Buy: $600.0 AUD
Pair Lion Statues
$1299.0 AUD
$299.99 AUD
Tibetan Phurba Buddhist Kīla Winged Vajrakīlaya Brass 90's Vintage 27 x 20 cm
$264.99 AUD
“ QUAN YiN  “Antique, Vintage  Asian Statues
$199.0 AUD
“ KUAN YIN “Antique Asian Statues
$199.0 AUD
Singing Bowl Meditation Healing Auspicious Symbols Etched Hand Beaten 732 g "E"
$98.0 AUD
Singing Bowl Meditation Healing Auspicious Symbols Etched Hand Beaten 1.10Kg "G"
$198.0 AUD
Singing Bowl Meditation Healing Auspicious Symbols Etched Hand Beaten 1.08Kg "D"
$198.0 AUD
Large Vintage Timber Buddha Head
$75.0 AUD
Vintage Chinese ShouShan Yellow Stone Lion Chop Seal
$125.0 AUD
Antique 19thC Japanese imari Edo/ Meiji Period Hand Painted Porcelain Bowl Japan
$175.0 AUD
Antique Qing Dynasty boxwood carved big fishman figure H47cm
$16999.2 AUD
Solid Brass Handcrafted Bowl - Collectable from India - Vintage -19.5cm Diameter
$10.0 AUD
Singing Bowl Meditation Yoga Healing Traditional Hand Beaten in Nepal 573 g "C"
$65.0 AUD
Buy: $88.0 AUD
Vintage / Retro,  Cherry Wood / Lacquer Wood  Wheelbarrow
$7.95 AUD
2 x Chinese Dragon with Pearl Miniture Brass figures cast in India
$11.95 AUD
Tomfeel Lion Statue Natural Granite Appearance Made of Aluminum Wildlife A4V8
Buy: $209.45 AUD
Antique Shiva Nataraja Hindu God Statue Solid Brass
$90.0 AUD
10" Collect Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Words Flower Bottle Vase D
$340.0 AUD
Candle Holder Buddhism Pure Copper Candlestick Stand Brass Golden Color
Buy: $8.94 AUD
 15"Chinese Bronze Eight Gods Immortal Bottle Gourd Wine Tea Pot Flagon Jug
$399.0 AUD
10" Xuande Mark Chinese Old Blue White Porcelain Dragon Phoenix Face-Wash Basin
$400.0 AUD
Well look Hand Made Tiger Statue wooden carving
Buy: $25.0 AUD
6.8" Marked Old China Cloisonne Copper Palace Flower Louts Fish Bowl
$340.0 AUD
Copper Flower engraved Urn
$99.0 AUD
7" Chinese Palace Copper Cloisonne Carved Peony Flower Round Lid Pot Jar Crock
$300.0 AUD
8" Marked Old China Bronze Dragon Beast Play Bead 3 Foot Incense Burner Censer S
$300.0 AUD
12" Old Chinese Bronze Dynasty Dragon Phoenix Beast Lids Incense Burner Censer
$300.0 AUD
10" Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Words Flower plum vase Bottle Vase
$290.0 AUD
10" Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Words Flower Bottle Vase
$290.0 AUD
46CM Mark Chinese DeHua White Porcelain Guanyin Kwan-yin Dragon Backlight Statue
$737.0 AUD
12" Marked China Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Guanyin Kwan-yin Goddess Buddha Statue
$370.0 AUD
4.4" Old Chinese Cloisonne lotus Flower Mandarin duck Coccoloba Toothpick Box
$290.0 AUD
4.2" Qianlong Marked China Cloisonne Enamel Dynasty Palace Mount Scenery Bowl
$400.0 AUD
13" Unique Chinese Old Jade Stand Money Wealth Yuanbao God Mammon Ruyi Statue
$399.0 AUD
$259.99 AUD
10" Qianlong Marked Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Dragon Flower Bowls Bowl Set
$440.0 AUD
7.2" Old Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Bronze Beast Ear Incense Burner Censer Marked
$290.0 AUD
15" Chinese Folk Old polychrome Wucai Porcelain 18 Arhat Buddha Pot Jar Crock
$300.0 AUD
23CM Tibet Bronze Buddhism Exorcise Evil Sirits Phurba Dagger Holder Statue
$300.0 AUD
  Marked Chinese Folk Bronze Gilt  Dragon Phoenix Flower Bottle Vase Statue Pair
$579.0 AUD
8" Chinese Black Wood Carved Palace Stools Flower Stand Flower Racks Base Pair
$390.0 AUD
4" Qianlong Marked Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Dynasty Fish Carp Pot Crock Censer
$260.0 AUD
6" Old Tibet Buddhism Crystal Painting Lotus Buddha's relics Pagoda Tower Statue
$290.0 AUD
14" Old China Boxwood Wood Feng Shui the Eight Immortals Ruyi Ru Yi Lucky Statue
$260.0 AUD
14" Chinese Pure Bronze Seat Ancient Three Kingdoms Zhuge Liang Kong Ming Statue
$899.0 AUD
Snake skin long top drum old classic antique music instrument
Buy: $150.0 AUD
7" Da Ming Xuande Marked Old Chinese Blue White Porcelain Flower Birds Wine Pot
$280.0 AUD
8" Old China Bronze Cloisonne Vajradhara Vajrabhairava Goddess Buddha Statue
$250.0 AUD
Natural Emerald Green Jade Jadeite Carving Avalokitesvara Guanyin Goddess Statue
$340.0 AUD
10.8" Old China Copper Gilt Feng Shui Carp Fish Ruyi Blessing Wealth Sculpture
$280.0 AUD
9 "Old Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Blue White, mountain water Vase Bottle
$850.0 AUD
4" China Ox Horn Carved Feng Shui Exorcise Unicorn Beast Bixie Lucky Statue H S
$310.0 AUD
9" China Blue White Porcelain Dynasty 3 Longevity God Fu Lu Shou Life Book Books
$350.0 AUD
12" Collect Chinese OX Horn Hand-Carved Kwan-yin Guan Yin Bodhisattva Sculpture
$290.0 AUD
E14009 Vintage Plaster Indian Lady Incense Idol Figure Retro Shrine
Buy: $75.0 AUD
9" Old Chinese Dynasty Bronze Gild Dragon Beast 3 Foot incense burner Censer
$320.0 AUD
14" Old China Red Lacquerware Dynasty Palace Dragon Phoenix Jewel Jewelry box
$280.0 AUD
23CM Tibet Temple Bronze Turquoise White Tara Guanyin Kwan-yin Goddess Statue
$450.0 AUD
9.6" Old China Copper Feng Shui Dragon Loong Yuanbao Wealth Lucky Sculpture
$260.0 AUD
6" Chinese Old antique White Jade Jadeite Carved Flower Palace Lid Pot Jar Crock
$340.0 AUD
13" Chinese Silver Qing Dynasty 3 Longevity God Fu Lu Shou Life Handle Wine Pot
$320.0 AUD
7" Old China OX Bull Horn Carving Pixiu Unicorn Beast Wealth Evil Spirits Statue
$250.0 AUD
8.4"Xuande Marked China Palace Bronze Dragon Statue Handle Incense Burner Censer
$290.0 AUD
25" Old Tibetan Nepal Wood Painted Buddhism Tara Drolma Goddess Thangka Hang
$400.0 AUD
34cm Ancient Chinese Rosewood Gilt Phoenix Flower Bat Rectangle Jewelry Box Case
$270.0 AUD
10" Rare Old Chinese Blue White Porcelain Dynasty Palace Foo Dog Lion Tank Jar
$260.0 AUD
4.2"Marked China Qian Long Dynasty Cloisonne Copper Dragon Phoenix Pencil Vase S
$370.0 AUD
10" Collect Rare Old Chinese Bronze Dynasty Birdcage Bird Cage Statue Wall Hang
$300.0 AUD
14" China Huanghuali Wood Inlay Shell Dynasty Dragonfly Lotus Leaf Plate Salver
$300.0 AUD
7" Longqing Marked Old Chinese Wu Cai Porcelain Dynasty Dragon Pot Jar Crock
$280.0 AUD
11.8" Old Chinese Copper Feng Shui Gourds Lucky Evil spirits Wealth Statue Pair
$310.0 AUD
11" Old China Tang San Cai Pottery Porcelain Dynasty Double Lion Statue Pillow
$430.0 AUD
10"China Folk Old Blue White Porcelain 2 Beast Head Dragon Phoenix Pot Jar Crock
$400.0 AUD
12" Real Cloisonne Enamel Gilt Dragon Lion Beast Incense Burner Censer Statue
$499.0 AUD
21CM Tibetan Brass Monastery White Jambhala Buddha Ride Dragon Beast Sculpture
$290.0 AUD
16“ Folk Old China Bronze Gilt er langshen erlang god Yang Jian Dog BIXIE Statue
$500.0 AUD
11" Tibet Bronze Buddhism Green Tara Kwan-yin Goddess Buddha On lotus Sculpture
$330.0 AUD
Chinese Song Dynasty Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Foo Fu Dog Handle Wine Tea Pot Flagon
$440.0 AUD
10" Collect Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Palace Flower leaf Pot Bottle Vase
$410.0 AUD
9" Old Chinese famille rose porcelain Tongzi Child Happy Maitreya Buddha Statue
$270.0 AUD
8.4" Mark Old China Copper Dynasty Palace Beautiful Woman Tree Bottle Vase Pair
$280.0 AUD
10" Chinese dynasty Old antique Bronze Silver Vessel Food Beast Pot Jar Crock
$420.0 AUD
6" Old Tibet Buddhism Temple Bronze Turquoise White Tara Goddess Buddha Statue
$330.0 AUD
8" Marked Old Chinese Red Bronze Gilt Dynasty Dragon Phoenix Wine Tea Pot Flagon
$300.0 AUD
8.8" Old Tibet Silver Buddhism Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Pagoda Incense Burners
$300.0 AUD
14.4" Old Chinese Boxwood Hand-carved Hollow out Mandarin Duck Folding Screen
$320.0 AUD
5.6" Old Chinese Boxwood Carving Dynasty Palace Lion Fish Writing-brush Washer
$300.0 AUD
Chinese Bronze Cloisonne Enamel Dragon Guan Gong Yu Warrior God Statue
$599.99 AUD
11" Old China Bronze Buddhism Tang Sanzang Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva Monk Statue
$570.0 AUD
9.8" Marked Old Chinese Enamel Porcelain Palace Gourd Flower Handle Bottle Vase
$450.0 AUD
10" Collection Old Chinese Yue Kilns Celadon Porcelain Portabe Rooster Teakettle
$490.0 AUD
9"yongzheng Mark Chinese Yellow Glaze Porcelain Dragon Phoenix Pot Jar Vase Pair
$450.0 AUD