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Old Tibetan Local Silver / Metal Tea Pot …beautiful collection piece
$220.0 AUD
Antique Chinese Wang Hing & Co of Hong Kong 1854-1930 Silver Frame Dragon 7.5cm
$375.0 AUD
19thC China export Solid Silver Bowl by Wang Hing &Co    C1890
$849.15 AUD
19thC China export Silver vases  by Wang Hing &Co   C1890  2PCS
$1698.3 AUD
Burmese silver betal nut container
Buy: $500.0 AUD
4" Chinese Natural Emerald Green Jade Jadeite Shakyamuni Buddha Head Sculpture
$770.0 AUD
Old Tibetan Bakelite & Silver Necklace …beautiful accent & collection piece
$279.0 AUD
Vintage Asian Multi-Chain Silver Necklace …beautiful accent piece
$89.0 AUD
14" Old Tibet Bronze beeswax Buddhism Hayagriva Buddha Phurba Dagger Holder Box
$940.0 AUD
Old Silver-Plated Vanity Box …beautiful unique shape
$120.0 AUD
$89.0 AUD
Antique Hmong Tribe Silver Pipe
Buy: $395.0 AUD
China export solid Silver service Bowl decorated dragons by Wang Hing &Co C1890s
$1020.0 AUD
19th Century Anique Tibetan Bowl Silver Jade Coral bowl
$495.0 AUD
9" Old Tibet Buddhism Folk Bronze Tree Bird Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Sculpture
$1200.0 AUD
Thai Silver Casing For Khun Paen Amulet Open Close Type
Buy: $50.0 AUD
Antique 1900 Chinese Export Presentation Cup Goblet by Wang Hing & Co
$7100.0 AUD
Antique Chinese Export Silver Fruit Dish Luen Hing Circa 1880
$4265.0 AUD
SHAKUDO Gold & Silver Relief Cigarette Case - Vintage c1800-1900s Mens Womens
$1187.0 AUD
silver jewellery from india by STUTI 
Buy: $125.0 AUD
REDUCED Miao Jewelry Handmade Silver Four Layer Collar Necklace
Buy: $56.0 AUD
REDUCEDMiao Jewelry Handmade Miao Silver Collar Necklace A Piece Of Wearable Art
Buy: $29.95 AUD
5" Collection Old Chinese Silver Gild Dynasty Palace Animal Bird Flower Bowl Pot
$220.0 AUD
4" Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace Feudal Official Silver ingot Sculpture
$700.0 AUD
10" Old Tibetan Buddhism Silver Cloth 8 Auspicious Symbol Buddha Ghau Shrine Box
$510.0 AUD
7.6" Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace Feudal Official ingot sycee Sculpture
$1500.0 AUD
13.6" Old Tibet Silver Buddhism Seat Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Jar Sculpture
$700.0 AUD
4" Collect Chinese Buddhism Silver agate Tianzhu DZI Bead Amulet Pendant
$260.0 AUD
6.8" Rare Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace ingot sycee Word Luck Sculpture
$1500.0 AUD
12.8" Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace Beauty Belle Portable Teapot teakettle
$495.0 AUD
10.4" Marked Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace Dragon Handle Teapot Wine Vessel
$400.0 AUD
10.4" Nepal Silver Gold Turquoise Coral Gems Wenshu Manjushri Sword Statue
$3800.0 AUD
7.2" Marked Old Chinese Silver Palace Dragon Handle Beast Teapot Teakettle Pot
$170.0 AUD
9CM Old Tibet Tibetan Silver Handwork Dragon Beast Flower belt fastener buckle
$180.0 AUD
5.4" Tibet Buddhism Silver Filigree Backlight Base Menla Medicine Buddha Statue
$800.0 AUD
57CM Chinese Silver Stand Dragon Guan Gong Yu Warrior God Hold Sword Sculpture S
$1800.0 AUD
2.5CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty Palace Belle Ride Kylin Finger Rings
$5.0 AUD
6CM Tibetan Buddhism Silver Mahakala Wrathful Deity Buddha Head Ghau Shrine Box
$40.0 AUD
2" Old Tibet Buddhism Silver lapis lazuli red coral Maitreya Buddha Luck Pendant
$35.0 AUD
$49.99 AUD
Wonderful old Tibet Silver handwork inlay Natural green jade bead Noble bracelet
$199.99 AUD
4CM Old Tibet Silver Buddhism 8 Auspicious Symbol Seal Stamp Amulet Pendant
$15.0 AUD
12.4" Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Sleep Tongzi Boy Kid Lucky Pillow Sculpture
$290.0 AUD
4.4" Old Tibetan Silver Turquoise Handwork Phoenix Bird Pendant Amulet Necklace
$180.0 AUD
15CM Old Tibet Silver Filigree beeswax Gem religion Chain Pot Jar Kettle Vase
$210.0 AUD
8" Old Tibet Tibetan Buddhism Silver Wire Gem Carved Flower Round Pot Jar Crock
$1600.0 AUD
4CM Old Tibet Buddhism Temple Silver Sakyamuni Buddha Head Amulet Pendant
$25.5 AUD
4.8CM Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Flying Pixiu Unicorn Beast Statue Scilpture
$25.5 AUD
45MM silver Chinese zodiac Monkey Amitabha Sakyamuni Buddha amulet pendant
$50.0 AUD
12" Tibet Turquoise Red Coral Silver 8 Auspicious Symbol Pot Bottle Vase Pair
$870.0 AUD
15.2" Old Tibet Buddhism Silver red coral White Tara Goddess Pendant Wall Hang
$550.0 AUD
9" Old Tibet Buddhism Silver Cloth Green Tara Goddess Buddha Fokan Shrine Statue
$410.0 AUD
Silver Finish Aluminum Incense Holder And 20 Vanilla Fragrance Sticks 10 Inch
$24.99 AUD
5CM Old Tibet Buddhism Silver White Tara Guanyin Kwan-yin Goddess Amulet Pendant
$100.0 AUD
8" Old Tibetan Buddhism Silver 7 Eyes White Tara Goddess Buddha Statue Sculpture
$240.0 AUD
3.2" Old Chinese Silver Seat Buddhist monk shaveling Buddha Statue Sculpture
$75.0 AUD
Antique Burmese Silver Thabeik Bowl Circa 1880 Height 17.3cm 1728g
$5590.0 AUD
7.5CM Chinese Old Miao Silver Handmade Dynasty Palace Dragon Snuff Bottle Statue
$99.0 AUD
2" Old Chinese Buddhism Silver Happy Laugh Maitreya Buddha Wealth Statue
$20.0 AUD
21CM Ancient Tibet Silver Gilt Convent Green Tara Goddess Sculpture Statue
$180.0 AUD
5.6" Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Auspicious Horse Luck Statue Sculpture
$130.0 AUD
5.6" Ancient Tibetan Silver Leather Turquoise Small Bell Belle Jewelry Box
$260.0 AUD
1.4" Old Chinese Miao Silver Dyansty Dragon Qilin Beast Statue Seal Stamp Signet
$80.0 AUD
11" Old Chinese Silver Palace Taxi Dancer Dancing Girl Pipa Statue Sculpture H S
$220.0 AUD
6" Collect Rare Old Tibetan Buddhism Temple Silver Phurba Dagger Holder Pendant
$188.0 AUD
9CM Rare Old China Silver Dynasty Kylin Qilin Tongzi Waist Tag Pendant Amulet
$75.0 AUD
4" Collect Chinese Buddhism Silver agate Hand-Carved Tianzhu DZI Amulet Pendant
$260.0 AUD
3CM Chinese Old Miao Silver Handmade Dynasty Palace Dragon finger ring Statue
$55.0 AUD
4CM China Silver Kwan-yin Guan Yin Boddhisattva Lotus Amulet Pendant Necklace
$15.0 AUD
14 CM Tibetan Silver Buddhism Seat Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Bowl Statue
$110.0 AUD
6.2 " Tibet Silver temple Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Bust Head Sculpture Statue
$110.0 AUD
6.5CM Old Chinese Silver Religion Prayer wheel Turning Wheel Statue Pendant
$12.75 AUD
4.4" Old Tibet Turquoise Silver Dynasty Palace Dragon Beast Tea Cup Teacup
$230.0 AUD
4.4" Old Chinese Buddhism Silver Kwan-yin Guan Yin Boddhisattva Backlight Statue
$75.0 AUD
10" Old Tibet Buddhism Gold Silver Wire Gem Carved five Buddha Palace Hat Cap
$5000.0 AUD
7.5CM Marked Old Chinese Glaze Silver Dynasty Fu Lu Shou 福禄寿 snuff bottle
$35.0 AUD
1.6" Collect Old Tibetan Red Coral Turquoise Silver Jewelry Women Man Ring
$40.0 AUD
4CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty Palace Dragon Loong Blessing Finger Rings
$5.0 AUD
4CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty Palace Dragon Loong Blessing Finger Rings
$5.0 AUD
6.5CM Ancient China Bronze Dynasty Dragon Beast Head square Bronze Mirror
$42.5 AUD
28CM Tibet Tibetan Buddhism Silver Seat 5-Heads Snake Naga Kanya Goddess Statue
$395.0 AUD
8.4" Xuande Marked Old China Ming Silver Dynasty Double Dragon Beast Bottle Vase
$270.0 AUD
Old Chinese cooper-plating silver hand-carved figure snuff bottle
$89.99 AUD
Wild teeth Tibet silver tiger Amulet Pendant,Buddha head beads necklace
$44.99 AUD
6.4" Xuande Mark Antique China Silver Elephant Ear Handle Incense Burners Censer
$230.0 AUD
$49.99 AUD
7.2" Old Tibetan Copper Gilt Jewel Buddhism Padmasambhava Buddha Buddha Statue
$1045.0 AUD
10" Old Tibet Tibetan Silver Buddhism Protection Deity Dharmapala Buddha Statue
$260.0 AUD
6" Marked Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Mandarin Duck LOVE Sweethearts Statue
$180.0 AUD
18" Tibet Buddhism Temple Silver inlay Turquoise Gem coral Buddha Tangka Statue
$1530.0 AUD
20CM Tibetan silver Buddhism Amitabha Buddha Shakyamuni Robe dragons sculpture
$130.0 AUD
9.4" Marked Old China Silver Dynasty Dragon Play Pearl Incense Burner Censer
$250.0 AUD
8.8" Old Chinese Silver Seat Shakyamuni Amitabha Gautama Buddha Sculpture
$260.0 AUD
9CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty hollow out Fish Ring Bell Pendant Amulet
$12.75 AUD
12CM Old Tibet Nepal Buddhism Silver Protector Deity Buddha Statue Sculpture
$140.0 AUD
Antique Mughal Islamic Sword Silver Scabbard Locket Hunting Figures. G10-44 AU
$232.91 AUD
6" Xuande Marked Old China Silver Dynasty Dragon Handle Incense Burner Censer X
$260.0 AUD
7.2" Old Chinese Silver Folk Feng shui Foo Fu Dog Guardion Lion Animal Statue
$220.0 AUD
7.6" Marked Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Wealth Toad Money Wine Pot Teakettle
$200.0 AUD
15cm Old Tibet Buddhism Silver Gem Carved Flower Conch Shell Trumpet Horn
$140.0 AUD