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A Very Nice Chinese Silver Pendant
Buy: $850.0 AUD
19th Chinese Antique Copper Porcelain Snuff Box / Pill Box Great Gift
$120.0 AUD
Old Tanimbar Islands Silver Ceremonial Plate …beautiful collection piece
$154.0 AUD
Vintage Silver 925 Snuff Bottle with spoon insert-63 grams
Buy: $159.0 AUD
Antique Italian hand painted provincial chest of 2 drawers bedside rococo carved
$1750.0 AUD
Antique Hmong Tribe Silver Pipe
Buy: $495.0 AUD
19th Chinese Antique Sterling Silver Snuff Box / Pill Box  Stamped Great Gift
$180.0 AUD
Old Mongolian Silver Tribal Necklace (a) …beautiful collection / accent piece
$125.3 AUD
Antique Chinese Sterling Silver Set Blue White Ming Porcelain Fragment Pill Box
$125.0 AUD
$17.0 AUD
A Gilt Silver Plaque
$900.0 AUD
Old Tibetan Local Silver and Coin Tribal Necklace …beautiful collection / accent
$84.0 AUD
Antique Indian Sterling Silver Bowl with Repousse Leaf and Flower Pattern
Buy: $224.95 AUD
19th Century Anique Tibetan Bowl Silver Jade Coral bowl
$995.0 AUD
China export solid Silver service Bowl decorated dragons by Wang Hing &Co C1890s
$1020.0 AUD
$240.0 AUD
19thC China export Solid Silver Bowl by Wang Hing &Co    C1890
$849.15 AUD
Antique Chinese Wang Hing & Co of Hong Kong 1854-1930 Silver Frame Dragon 7.5cm
$400.0 AUD
Tibetan Perfume snuff Bottle Silver Gemstone Eye Pendant
$52.0 AUD
Old Tibetan / North India Silver Necklace Chain …beautiful unisex accent piece
$84.0 AUD
SHAKUDO Gold & Silver Relief Cigarette Case - Vintage c1800-1900s Mens Womens
$1187.0 AUD
Old Tibetan / North India Silver Bracelet …beautiful accent / collection piece
$346.5 AUD
Old Yemeni Jambiya Khanjar Dagger with Ornate Handle & Sheath  …beautiful...
$486.5 AUD
Old Silver-Plated Cigarette Tin with Elephants …beautiful collection / accent pi
$120.0 AUD
Old African Local Silver Bracelet …beautiful accent piece
$69.3 AUD
Old North African Bedawin Leather Talisman with Local Silver Inlaid…
$206.5 AUD
Antique Asian Sterling Silver Hand Beaten & Engraved Small Plate 70 gms
Buy: $155.0 AUD
Antique Teapot Asian Hand Etched Bamboo Design Silver Stamped "0579"
$84.25 AUD
Vintage Sterling Silver Creamer Bowl by F.B. Rogers Silver Company #135
Buy: $134.99 AUD
$80.0 AUD
Old Turkish Belly Dancing Silver Belt …beautiful collection / display piece
$84.0 AUD
Old North Indian Silver Plated Bracelet Change Bowl …beautiful accent piece
$62.3 AUD
19thC China export Silver vases  by Wang Hing &Co   C1890  2PCS
$1698.3 AUD
$25.0 AUD
Antique Berber Enameled Silver Fibula Knife Necklace …a beautiful & unique colle
$906.5 AUD
Old Chinese Silver Baby Charm on Silver Chain …beautiful and unusual
$112.0 AUD
Miao Jewelry Handmade Silver Four Layer Collar Necklace
Buy: $64.0 AUD
$89.0 AUD
Miao Jewelry Handmade Miao Silver Collar Necklace A Piece Of Wearable Art
Buy: $42.0 AUD
old silver teapot /original condition
$10.0 AUD
Old Tibetan Local Silver Bracelet  …beautiful accent piece
$84.0 AUD
Silver Tone Eagle Necklace (a) …beautiful accent piece...
$62.3 AUD
Old North African Tuareg Tribal Silver Talisman …beautiful collection piece
$154.0 AUD
Old Silver-Plated Vanity Box …beautiful unique shape
$84.0 AUD
Old African Local Silver Plated Bangal …beautiful accent / collection piece
$69.3 AUD
silver jewellery from india by STUTI 
Buy: $125.0 AUD
Eagle Silver Tone Necklace (b) …beautiful accent piece...
$62.3 AUD
antique chinese silver bracelet date unknown
$950.0 AUD
Burmese silver betal nut container
Buy: $890.0 AUD
UNIQUE & Exquisite Carved Necklet -CHINESE DRAGONS-Vintage c1930's Stg silver
$765.0 AUD
Indonesian 800 Silver Shadow Puppet Cutlery
$25.0 AUD
Thai Silver Casing For Khun Paen Amulet Open Close Type
Buy: $50.0 AUD
Wholesale European Fashion Jewelry Solid Silver Dolphin Clasp Bangle Bracelet IF
Buy: $3.78 AUD
$60.0 AUD
Antique Georgian Newcastle Sterling Silver Tankard
$9590.0 AUD
3.4" Old Tibet Turquoise Copper Dynasty Palace Flower Accessories Jewelry Box
$260.0 AUD
German Silver Jewelry Box, Antique Circa 1900 With Key Rare Secret Compartment "
$211.0 AUD
Wholesale European Fashion Jewelry Solid Silver Dolphin Clasp Bangle Bracelet KK
Buy: $4.09 AUD
Chinese Greeting Pine Tiger Souvenir Silver Plated Coin 黄山迎客松 老虎 中国钱币有限公司
Buy: $35.99 AUD
6.2" Rare Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Dragon Beast Kylin Lucky Statue Pair
$240.0 AUD
Rare Old Decorated Handwork Tibet Silver Carving Chinese Character Statue C0in
$44.99 AUD
Chinese Rare Collectible Antique Old silver Handwork Golden Cudgel Snuff Bottle
$59.99 AUD
4.4" Old Tibet Turquoise Silver Dynasty Palace Dragon Beast Tea Cup Teacup
$230.0 AUD
7CN Marked Old China Dynasty Lion Beast Round incense burner Censer
$80.0 AUD
4.5CM Old Tibet Buddhism Silver Painted White Tara Goddess Buddha Pendant Amulet
$100.0 AUD
Chinese Rare Collectible Silver & Jadeite Jade Handwork Four-Piece Set Jewelry
$199.99 AUD
9CM Chinese Old Antique Silver Hand-Carved Animal Beast Bracelet Bangle Statue
$200.0 AUD
Chinese Collectible Old Tibet Silver Myth Style Unicorn rare Pair Statue protect
$69.99 AUD
4.5CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty Lotus Tongzi Boy Lucky Pendant Amulet
$20.0 AUD
Chinese hand carved silver duck elephant pot Snuff Bottles On behalf of the love
$129.99 AUD
Early stage Chinese Ten Marshals Coin Favorite book
$39.99 AUD
3.2" Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Palace Duck Birds ink box ink cartridge Censer
$55.0 AUD
8CM Old Chinese Miao Silver Dynasty Double Dragon cut tobacco coccoloba Box
$60.0 AUD
11CM Marked Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Flower Flog Pot Jar writing brush washer
$70.0 AUD
Collectible Old Handwork Silver Plate Copper India Wealth God Recline Statue
$69.99 AUD
3.4" Marked Old Chinese Silver Glaze Inner Painting Dynasty Bamboo snuff bottle
$30.0 AUD
15.5CM Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Feng Shui War Horse Animal Success Sculpture
$100.0 AUD
China hand Vintage Collectible Old Silver carve cicada big rare Snuff Bottle
$79.99 AUD
China old Handwork Miao Silver Happy Laughing Buddha Hold Cabbage Wealth Statue
$88.99 AUD
3.4" Old Chinese Dynasty Palace Silver Flower Birds ink box ink cartridge
$50.0 AUD
Antique Silver Plate Depicting Indian Goddess Rooster Ride Cock Hindu Theology#1
$208.5 AUD
3.6" Old Chinese Silver Kwan-yin Guan Yin Avalokitesvara Lotus Statue Sculpture
$50.0 AUD
9.5CM Old Chinese Silver Feng Shui Dragon Loong Animal Lucky Statue Sculpture
$40.0 AUD
5" Collection Old Chinese Silver Gild Dynasty Palace Animal Bird Flower Bowl Pot
$220.0 AUD
12.5CM Old Tibet Buddhism Temple Silver mahakala Buddha Phurba Dagger Holder
$60.0 AUD
Collectible Decorated Old Handwork Tibet Silver Carved Dragon Incense Burner
$59.99 AUD
Religion Scriptures Pray Hand Prayer Wheel Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Silver
Buy: $14.8 AUD
9CM Old Tibet Silver Cloth 8 Auspicious Symbol Vajradhara Buddha Ghau Shrine Box
$70.0 AUD
chinese old tibet silver hand carved phoenis kirin statue netsuke snuff box art
$49.99 AUD
Antique Silver Plate Depicting Indian Goddess Lion Riding Ambe Maa Hindu Theolog
$208.5 AUD
85MM words of Chinese Miao Silver Poetry Hanzi old ink Cartridge Case
$50.0 AUD
12.5CM Rare MK Chinese Silver Gilt  Wild Animals Beast Auspicious Offering Bowl
$275.0 AUD
Collectible Tibet Silver Handwork Figure Enjoy Plum Blossom Antique Snuff Bottle
$69.99 AUD
4.4" Old Tibet Religion Silver Inlay Beeswax Dragon Animal Woman Bracelet Bangle
$320.0 AUD
15CM Ancient Tibet Buddhism Temple Silver Shakyamuni Amitabha Buddha Pot Statue
$140.0 AUD
3.8" Rare Old Chinese Silver Dynasty Dragon Phoenix Yuan Shikai Head Plate Tray
$55.0 AUD
5" Old Tibet Silver Cloth 8 Auspicious 4 Arm Chenrezig Buddha Ghau Shrine Box
$190.0 AUD
Antique Burmese Silver Thabeik Bowl Circa 1880 Height 17.3cm 1728g
$5720.0 AUD
Collectible Old tibet-silver handwork inlay natural green jade bead bracelet
$69.99 AUD
1.2" Collect Old Tibetan Turquoise Silver Jewelry Women Man Ring
$40.0 AUD